Vegaschleife at Analoge Anischten II


Vegaschleife is an installation that evloved out of the work I was doing with Acid Pauli for RjDj. It is shown from  04.05.-31.05.2012 at Analoge Ansichten II (in the entrance hall of the Department of Sociology at the University of Vienna). Vegaschleife listens to percussive sounds in the environment, records them, and plays them back in rhythmic patterns

Radio Drama by Velo

A series of three short radiodramas (in German), each about a special holiday (World Savings Day, Valentine’s Day, World Day of Socially Insured Artists). Originally released in December 2010 on Festtagsaufschnitt by Landjäger magazine.

Written and produced by Velo (Sven Matt, Robert Rüf , Florian Waldner).
Voices: Stefan Pohl, Michaela Bilgeri, Robert Rüf (on Weltspartag)
Voice Recording: Heike Kaltenbrunner

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Upcoming RjDj Scene “Eden”

I am currently working on an new RjDj scene called “Eden”, inspired by Stansliaw Lem’s great science fiction novel Eden. What I am trying to create is a hybrid between a game soundtrack and reactive music. You can navigate a starship around and discover some extra musical content. But be careful, gravity pulls you towards an alien world called Eden!

Auditory Illusions


While reading Bregman’s book Auditory Scene Analysis I made a couple of Pure data patches to demonstrate auditory illusions mentioned in the book.  All patches are done in Pd vanilla and include short descriptions and a reference to the publication the illusion was reported in.  Until now there are patches for:

  • stream segregation in a cycle of 6 tones (Bregman/Rudnicky)
  • masking / mental synthesis (Dannenbring)
  • loss of rhythm in an ABA sequence (Van Noorden)
  • high and low tones on left and right ear mixed up (Deutsch)

Download the patches (ZIP) here.

Sensor Bird for “The Birds according to Oskar Sala”


“The Birds according to Oskar Sala” is a radioplay by Ammer & Console. The play was staged live at the German Museum in Munich 16th and 18th July 2010. I equiped the plastic crow in the picture above with a G-force sensor using a wireless eowave sensor box. The bird screamed and fluttered depending on how it was moved and was used on stage by the actor playing Hitchcock’s part.

Oskar Sala is a german composer and pioneer of electronic music who created the soundtrack for Hitchcock’s The Birds using his custom built instrument the Trautonium.

Does It Sound Like I Was Here?

cover_3_smallDoes It Sound Like I Was Here? reacts to the sounds surrounding the listener and incorporates them in the installation. With mobile devices, headphones and a microphone, the installation accompanies the listeners in their everyday lives and creates an extended, acoustic reality. The software is at the heart of this and determines how the composition reacts to conditions and changes in the listeners’ sonic environment. Pics on flickr. Sound on Soundcloud. Video on youtube.


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Wave Lands II


This sound installation is based on eight high-frequency speakers hanging from the ceiling and floating free 1cm above the floor. Each speaker plays back filtered sea wave sounds I recorded with different microphone placements on an area similar to that of the installation. Visitors are free to swing the speakers and therefore shape the sounds with varying reflexions from the floor and Doppler effect.

Wave Lands II was exibited at the Mobile Music Workshop 2008 in Vienna and The Essence 08 (annual exhibition of the University of Applied Arts Vienna).

Special thanks to Martin and Thomas at Protozone who did great help in building the speaker cases.

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aware – RjDj Scene

aware is a piece of music that reacts to the listeners sonic environment for the RjDj iPhone app. aware creates a lush and wide musical landscape. The microphone is used to produce swirling electronic sounds. A generative synth plays notes whenever there is an acoustic onset in your environment. Swipe through the pages of the scene to experience different modes! Page one is the generative listening mode, page two fuzzy layers of sound based on the mic input, and page three is made to sing along the harmonies and record. You can get the scene for free on RjDj.

A video of the scene in use is here: Read more »

Unowis – RjDj scene


I made a scene called Unowis for the RjDj app. It accumulates loud sounds from your environment and plays them back using granular synthesis in realtime. Besides that it features some string sounds that are constantly modulated and filtered in various ways.